As a director, I am most interested in connection. I take a focused, collaborative approach in telling stories that cultivate psychological connection between artists as well as between artist and audience. My greatest artistic goal is to bring humans together through a better understanding of who we are and how we are connected, and I am especially interested in using music to tell stories, insofar as music has a way of connecting people emotionally that little else can. With each production that I work on, I seek to extract what is deeply human about the words on the page, and make even the most seemingly insignificant moment into one that makes an audience hold their breath. 

Directing Gallery

Lost Thing (2019)

by Payton Crispe

HERE WE GO: A Site-Specific Short Play Festival ​

Wrong Crowd (2019)

by Federica Borlenghi

The New School for Drama

Small Mouth Sounds (2018)

by Bess Wohl

The New School for Drama